English Newspapers in Sweden

read-all-about-it-end-sweden-newspaperThere are couple unsung newspapers written in English that can be found online carrying Swedish news.  Below are the ones that I know of, but please let us know if we have missed any others.
The Local is the main English language newspaper in Sweden.  It is continually updated with translated news from TT (The Swedish news agency) and has a very active forum.  The site has very a heavy dependence on advertising but a trained eye will soon see through all that and make this a regular stopping point for a quick read.
Stockholm News claims to be updated daily but in some cases it is hard to find fresh material.  It carries all your main news sections, just as any other paper, including news about the economy, international news and even news about the Swedish political scene. The site is owned and run by Tommie Ullman, Mats Öhlén and David Jonasson who can be contacted from their about us page.
Scandinavia Now is a business newspaper updated numerous times daily and carries the main, if not all, Swedish (and Scandianvian) business news in English.  It boasts that 70% of the readership is from outside Scandinavia, which shows to us that it is clearly an important news source to the rest of the world.
The Scandinavian Insider, formerly the South of Sweden Magazine, is a “business and lifestyle” magazine for expatriates in Sweden.  It has many of main sections you would expect to find, but news a little more off the beaten track.  Non-members can read the introduction to the articles, but reading them in full requires free membership registration.  Membership is also required to ask a so-called insider “”Hetti Kett” questions about Sweden’s social culture.
A daily newspaper in Göteborg, the Göteborg Daily, is run by Linda Genborg but most news is written by the webmaster Ben Kendall.  Overall, the layout is confusing and the news very trivial being not very reminiscent of real life in Göteborg.

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  1. Sue

    Hi I haven’t heard of some of these newspapers so I’ll be looking forward to having a look. I actually look at Radio Sweden for swedish news in english. It’s not that exciting but it’s up to date. They’re on twitter too.

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