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A couple friends of mine have encouraged me to follow suit and allow for other authors to send in articles that are of interest to an expat community in Sweden, and the English-speaking expat world.  I have decided to give it a go and let people post to

I want to set a couple ground rules for something to be considered a guest post, but overall I am pretty open to testing the waters.

  • Sorry, no adult, pharma or gambling links in guest posts.  The content should be appropriate for all audiences.
  • The post should be between 500-800 words and be very readable.  This means you should probably add informative section titles, and should be of intereste to a general readership.  It should be really interesting to read, because if it is not interesting to read, then it is not worth posting right?
  • If you use video or photos please, send me the link of the original source so we can give credit.  Stealing is wrong ;-)
  • The post will get a link where the anchor text is the domain name  they represent.  As an example the link will read “” and you will be able to offer a little description of what you and the site do.  If you wish to include an author link to your Google+ profile, I would be happy oblige.

If you are interested in guest posting, please send me an email using the contact form. Each pitch should contain:

  • Suggested title.
  • A very brief idea of what the article will be about.
  • The site that will be included in the biography.

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