Jobs in Sweden

Finding a job in Sweden can be hard for a person who is foreign.  Not because of a language barrier, but because of access to the community and the networking needed to find work here.  The language barrier sure does narrow the number of jobs you can apply for, but never let yourself get discouraged because you don’t speak Swedish.  There are many jobs in Sweden where English is the working language.  It is NOT that hard any more.  Come’on people – let’s get going.

How to find a job in Sweden

  1. Sign up and post your resume at Monster – they will put an email in your inbox every morning with potential jobs. Don’t hesitate, do it now! (if you have not already)
  2. Ensure that you have signed up with all of the job agencies like Poolia, Manpower, ElanIT and Academic Work and make sure that you have a complete profile with an attractive CV that stands out from the rest.  Multimind focuses on multicultural hiring within ” logistics, economy, marketing, HR, building/construction and IT”.
  3. Find a job and apply for it using a very personalized cover letter.
  4. Follow up the job with a phone call 3 work days following the application.  It is almost certain that for highly competitive jobs, you will not get called to an interview if you do not make this call.  That being said, use this call to have the individual tell you about the job, you can ask questions and they can ask questions of you.  Most importantly, keep them on the phone until they ask when you can come in.
  5. At the job interview remember that less is more.  Do not talk too much, and rather spend the time to answer questions.  Leave behind the “aggressive” interview style that is needed in North America, and become a much more relaxed, quiet, and smiling interviewee.  For more interview tips read a post I wrote a number of years ago.

Xpats – English Jobs in Sweden

Xpats maintains a list of English jobs in Sweden that we found available.  We compile these jobs from other websites in Sweden and provide you with just one list to check each morning.  Most of these services can email you more specific lists of jobs on a daily basis if you sign up for membership.  The services we pull our information from are, Indeed Sweden, Monster Sweden, Workey, The Local and LinkedIn.

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